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I have this ridiculous idea

Okay so this year as a junior I will be allowed to go to prom.  The thing is, is that I don’t really talk to anyone and I already know I won’t be going to homecoming since I don’t have a date.  At my school you don’t go to the dances unless you have a date.  I know that prom is a long way away but I just got this idea. 

There is the guy who goes to my old school.  I met him in fourth grade.  He has special needs and I became really close to him.  He had this huge crush on me and I felt so bad.  Often he would lean in to try and kiss me or hold my hand.  Most people thought he was really weird but I didn’t and I respect him.  He is still completely genuine to me and oh so kind.  I have talked to him a little bit and he has always talked about seeing me again.  This year, I would be honored if he would go to prom with me.  I would love to ask him and take him to my prom and introduce him.  

Honestly, I could care less what people said about me.  Whether they would say that was all I could get to go to prom with me or if they loved me for what I did.  I think in the end I will get more respect and I will make some great memories.  Prom is months away but I am excited for it because I don’t need a guy to go with, I just need a good friend and this guy could do it.